Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Emirates Open Day

I applied online for the emirates cabin crew position and got an invitation for the open day in Lebanon via email. It was on 12 July 2014. I went there wearing a knee length black skirt, a white shirt and a black blazer. I wore my hair up in a ponytail and wore red lipstick.
I went there 30 mins earlier.
There were approximately 150 applicants. There were 2 recruiters (women). They gave us an introduction at first on the company and the lifestyle in dubai. Then they asked us to drop our CVs so they can ask us a few questions. I waited for my turn then I gave the recruiter my CV. She was looking at how the applicant looked, whether he was looking sharp and tidy and if he was following the outfit guidelines, checking if he was 21 or above, making sure he doesn’t have any tattoos and distinguishing marks, and asking a couple of questions about his work experience.
After that, she told me that if I was shortlisted she will call me the same day to invite me for the next day (assessment day).
At 1 pm, I got a call from the hotel we were in, and the recruiter told me that I was shortlisted and gave me a number that I will be known for the whole process from now. I still remember it was 46 lol.

My open day's look:

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